Cloudeya design, build and continuously improves its data enabling product for small and medium-sized enterprises and Government customers. We specialise in migrating legacy software applications and data sets to the public cloud while providing dedicated support when required. We utilise our proprietary technology stacks and automation scripts in the provision of highly secure solutions for our customers.

Cloudeya is an innovative business building and delivering software that matters with strategy, planning, quality, responsiveness and flexibility of an SME.


Subject Matter Experts

Our broad range of in-house expertise partner with you from the beginning to the end of your project, we don't rely on or use offshore contractors to work on customer projects. Our engineering team deliver higher productivity in a fast-paced Agile environment without compensating quality of end product.


Smart Delivery Process®

Rather than designing expensive software architecture components or solutions, our engineers use proprietary premade toolkits, Smart Delivery Process® and a commitment to help our customers unlock the full capability of technology stacks to ensure an optimal outcome.


Understanding Risk

Our risk management plan helps to jump-start managing unexpected risk as well as making it an ongoing part of our process. It includes frameworks for taking our customer through risk scenarios and implementing detailed mitigations to ensure it doesn't impact the deliverables.


We Deliver Business Value

Our uncompromising culture of business engagement, end-user research and utilisation of the latest technologies ensures the development and support team understand the business impacts of features and changes assigned to them and incidents as they arise during the development phase.

Have an idea for a project or wants to automate your business processes? Let’s discuss how we can support your team and organisation speed up its adoption of cloud services. We can help lead the effort for custom software development as well – let’s talk about your requirements.